Also known as The Confidence Alchemist™, Keith is an international speaker, best-selling author, coach, hypnotist and occasional magician.

His talks are always entertaining, humorous, fun and with plenty of practical exercises designed to fully engage his audience and to enable them to start making their own transformations right there in the room.

Having spent the first 40 or so years of his life being painfully shy, unable to speak to strangers and thus finding it very hard to make friends, to network, or to meet potential partners, Keith left a life of IT and entered the world of reprogramming the human mind. He studied cutting-edge neuro-sciences including hypnosis, NLP and more, and used these to completely conquer his life-long shyness. Since 2010 he has used these same skills and experiences to enable many other people to conquer their own fears permanently.

He calls upon these years of experience, plus his own considerable first-hand experience of what it’s like to live life unable to even make small-talk at parties, seminars or networking events, and shares with his audience why and how we develop those fears, together with why that means we can blast them away, all whilst having a lot of fun!

Keith has spoken for BBC, BNI, Entrepreneurs in London, GTeX, Interesting Talks, Legendary Living, Moray Group RDA, PONY Express Speakers Club, Rock House Global. The Rotary Club UK, South London Personal Development Group.

Keith has been featured in Bootcamp Your Life, Business Bites with Lovelda, Freedom Lifestyle Academy TV Show, Motivate Me, The Northern Scot, Radio Harold Hill, Winning in Life and Work.

Keith has spoken in Bali, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Tibet, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

Keith contributed to Ready, Aim, Captivate! (2012), The Inspiration Bible (2014) and Unsung Heroes (2016).

Keith compiled the Winning in Life & Work  series : Volume 1 (2012), New Beginnings (2015), Success Secrets (2017).

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What They Say About Keith

  • Keith has a very clear understanding of exactly what he is doing and I would highly recommend him as a speaker. He is both entertaining and highly  knowledgeable. He adds tremendous value to any conference or meeting.

    He is precise and gets you to view things from a totally different perspective, leading to greater insights and ultimately transformation.

    Johnnie Cass
    Sydney, Australia
  • Keith is a fabulous guy, whose story is particularly inspiring to me (make sure you ask him!). He has a real genuine presence and cares deeply about transformation and getting cool results for his clients (I have seen him in action). I have no hesitation in recommending Keith.

    John Brant
    Valencia, Spain
  • Keith was the MC for PONY Express Speakers Club at one of our busiest nights – he took the audience by storm. The room was filled with happy & chirpy people; that was definitely Keith’s work. and he maintained it to the end. Keith commands the attention of any audience; he is not only keen to keep the audience happy but to make your event a success, and I’d highly recommend Keith as a Speaker or MC.

    Annik Rau
    Founder of Pony Express Speakers Club, London, UK
  • Keith is a fantastic and mesmerising speaker, his knowledge and approach in his field is second to none.

    Highly recommended.

    Arden Hart
    Musical Director, London, UK

Suggested Talk Titles and Topics

Reclaim Your Confidence

We are born with confidence, then we lose it. Why do we lose it? And how can we get it back again?

  • Discover how we are Reared to Fear
  • Why the comparisons we make are the wrong ones.
  • How to create Killer Conversation
  • Includes practical exercises and examples.

8 Powerful Words

8 powerful words which can help us destroy those harmful masks we all wear through life.

  • Why we wear masks, especially ones we don’t realise.
  • The danger of the “But what if they don’t like me” trap.
  • Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, you and I all share this…
  • The 8 powerful words which have transformed lives.

Hypnosis : More Than Just A Parlour Trick

Entertaining and informative, with real demonstrations including stage hypnosis.

  • What hypnosis IS.
  • What hypnosis ISN’T.
  • The huge power of hypnosis for change and growth.
  • Practical exercise in self-hypnosis for self-change

Other Topics and Talks Possible

Although these three are Keith’s most popular talks, he is more than happy to tailor a talk to your specific needs, be it as a Keynote, as a single speaker, or as one of a selection of speakers at your event.

This can either take the form of adapting one of the above talks to fit your specific requirements, or a completely new talk provided it is within Keith’s areas of expertise. He is more than happy to discuss what you have in mind, so please get in touch via the web form below and let’s see what we can work out together to make your event a huge success.

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