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Having spent years studying the intricacies and subtitles of the human mind, and mastering the leading cutting-edge technologies of the mind (including hypnosis, NLP and more), Keith has been successfully coaching people around the world for over 6 years. (He has studied and mastered these tools and technologies all the way to being certified to train other trainers in them)

Given his own experiences and journey, he specialises in helping people with matters of Confidence where, as The Confidene Alchemist, he helps people to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths.

Related to fears, he has also helped countless people to completely conquer their phobias in a painless and fun way, including such fears as heights, spiders,flying, snakes, enclosed spaces and many more.

Having had several people approach him separately to enquire about weightless work, he is currently preparing a more formal weightless option, more on that soon (so far the results are very encouraging).

He also works with a very small number of individual personal clients for more general one-on-one coaching (with a minimum commitment of 6 months, more usually 12) to help them to overcome obstacles and achieve excellence in their chosen area.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s an eery sense of power and accomplishment that comes from being able to walk into a room full of strangers and leave it as a room full of friends. Ordinary people don’t do that sort of thing… but who wants to be ordinary?”

Keith Blakemore-Noble
The Confidence Alchemist™,
Founder & CEO of Be Your Change

Confidence is such an important thing to have. With it, seemingly anything is possible; without it, seemingly nothing is possible. Some people appear to be blessed with an almost over-abundance of confidence, whereas other people seem to have completely missed out on receiving any confidence at all.

With confidence, life becomes incredibly enjoyable as the confident are well placed to be able to take advantage of every opportunity, to make the most of every situation, and to really life a truly fulfilling and worthwhile life.

Without confidence, the world can be a terrifying and desperately lonely place. How can you make friends when the thought of speaking with strangers terrifies? How can your employers be expected to promote you when they know almost nothing of your abilities and accomplishments because you are unable to speak up and share them? And what possible chance do you have of finding true love when you can’t even bring yourself to say hello to that cute stranger in the bar?

As The Confidence Alchemist, Keith helps people to transform their deepest fears into the greatest strength and to reclaim their confidence.

Visit The Confidence Alchemist to find out more.


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A phobia is defined as an intense and irrational fear of something. For some people, the phobia is triggered when you encounter the situation (such as sitting in the dentist’s chair / being in an aeroplane / seeing a spider / whatever it is); for others, even just thinking about the thing is enough to bring on those feelings of panic, anxiety, increased heart-rate, sweating, dread etc.

Phobias are learned responses – we are not born phobic, we are taught to be phobic either by others or through our own scary experiences. The good news is that this means that we can learn new positive ways to respond instead – indeed, the fact that you have a phobia means that you are very good at learning this behaviour, which means that you will be very good at learning new ways to behave if only you know how – which is where Freedom From Phobia comes in!

Together, we work to help you completely eliminate your fears, effortlessly and with a lot of fun!

Visit Freedom From Phobia and join the ever-growing number of people who have worked with Keith to successfully conquer their phobias completely and permanently!

Maybe you want to lose a few pounds to keep in shape. Or perhaps you need to lose a bit more than that. You may have already gone from diet to diet, weight yoyoing down and back up again – isn’t that frustrating, you go on a restrictive diet, lose the weight, come off the diet and the weight just seems to come back faster than ever.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that – there is another way!

In fact, there are three ways, depending upon your individual needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all here.

Remember, this work is all around mindset – whether it’s helping you to avoid a particular food, helping you to change your relationship with food, or making larger lifestyle changes, it’s all down to working with your unconscious mind to enable you to make the changes at a deep level so that they become second-nature to you, automatic behaviour without even thinking about it. We won’t cover nutrition or exercise regimes – you most likely already know enough about those. Instead, we work on the mindset – it’s all well and good knowing you should go to the gym, but what if you were able to develop the mindset that caused you to actually enjoy going to the gym without having to struggle to force yourself to go!

Come and find out more and let’s get you to your ideal weight.

Although most of his work is devoted to helping people with Confidence or Phobias, Keith does take on a small number of carefully selected individuals for direct personal one-on-one coaching.

There is an initial minimum commitment of 6 months (more usually 12 months), and Keith will only work with clients who are serious about making significant change in their lives. However, those who are serious about it, and are successful in their application, are guaranteed direct personal access to Keith throughout their coaching period, where they will work together to quickly identify exactly what the client wants, discover what is stopping them, and then work to a bespoke coaching programme to enable the client to make the mindset changes they need so that they can get the results they want, enabling them to live the life they truly deserve.

If this describes you, then get in touch (with no obligation at this stage) to find out more.