Keith is a multi-time international best-selling author. He has contributed to three books (Ready, Aim, Captivate!, The Inspiration Bible, and Unsung Heroes), and created, compiles and edits the successful Winning in Life and Work series.

He is currently compiling the third Winning in Life and Work book (Success Secrets), contributing to a collaborative book with some amazing Malaysian entrepreneurs, co-writing an invaluable sales handbook with a fantastic expert in sales, and creating his first solo book “Reclaim Your Confidence”, all due to be published at various dates by the end of 2017. Phew, that’s a lot of writing!

You can find out more about his published books below, and from his Author Profiles on AmazonGoodReads and Winning in Life and Work.

Unsung Heroes

Deconstructing Suicide through Stories of Triumph

From the trenches of despair, to the triumph of survival; daily we come into contact with UnSung Heroes.  This is a compilation of stories written by heroes who have battled the darkest of their souls, who have battled suicidal thoughts and attempts.  They live a life under the stigma of mental illness with no where to turn.  Each person rose from the depth of the pain to the joys of living.  The mission to eradicate suicide through lifting the stigma is the foundation for this book.  Take a journey with 34 courageoous authors as you will weep in their pain and rejoice in the victories!

This book, from iRise Leadership Institute and compiled by Kristie Knight, features suicide survivors sharing their stories and insights with the aim of helping others facing similar situations to realise they are not alone. Keith has contributed his own story to this book.

The iRise Leadership Institute believes every life has value. Our mission is to eradicate suicide through awareness, education, and prevention. Their vision is to provide awareness and prevention of suicide through education and presentations in the community.

Published in Dec 2016
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Published in Apr 2015
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Winning in Life and Work : New Beginnings

We all face new beginnings at many times in our lives. Be it a changing career, entering or leaving a relationship, emigrating to a new country, retiring, reevaluating life after a brush with death, or rebuilding life after losing everything. So often what some see as a wondrous opportunity can appear to us—in the centre of it all—as nothing but hardship, obstacles and chaos. Yet it is these very situations which offer us wondrous opportunities to create an even more enjoyable, rich, and rewarding life for ourselves, if only we could pick our way through.

This is why Keith Blakemore-Noble has brought together sixteen international experts from a wide range of fields to share their experiences, knowledge, and tips for making the best of your own new beginnings, learning from everything they went through with theirs.

As someone who has been in the personal development industry for seventeen years and worked internationally, it is my privilege to support this book and see it fly off the shelves in order to for you, the reader, to have a better quality of life.

– Elliot Kay, The Coach With The Hat

Inspiration Bible

The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide

Imagine a book that could inspire you every time you pick it up. Imagine the difference that a great inspiration like this could have on your life. Now, imagine the same inspiration being shared with people you care about – and beyond.

THAT is magic.

Inspiration Bible: The Unseen Force Transforming Lives Worldwide is a book devoted to uplifting humanity. From teenagers who are struggling to find themselves to adults with challenges to the elderly who are giving up on life, Inspiration Bible aims to be the much-needed beacon of love and wisdom to bring people through their darkest moments and raise them up to live the life they dream.

For every book that is purchased, a second book is given away to someone in need of inspiration. This means that the power is DOUBLED whenever you buy the book – giving the gift of inspiration to not just yourself but others, so that one more life is influenced, one more life is changed, and one more dream is awakened. Through this philanthropic approach, the Inspiration Bible is set to influence thousands of lives globally – the potential is humbling. Brought to life by Emily Gowor, the Inspiration Bible is compiled of one-page entries from 365 people from over 15 countries sharing a message that will inspire you. From life wisdom to stories of overcoming extreme adversity, this book is one you can call on every day of the year for the inspiration you need to live a magnificent life.

Published in Oct 2014
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Published in Jul 2013
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Winning in Life and Work : Volume 1

Keith Blakemore-Noble brings together 11 international experts to share with your their wisdom, knowledge, experience and advice in the international best-seller Winning in Life and Work : Volume 1, described as “a must have for your personal development collection“.,

Each of them had their own style and every story or topic covered proved to be very insightful. Some of their stories will move you and others will bring a smile to your face. I feel there is something wonderful to be learnt on all the pages written within this book. In fact you may find that by reading the stories from a totally unrelated topic to whatever problems you are experiencing in your life right now you may be pleasantly surprised as to how another contributor’s expertise helps you in an unexpected way. Each of the experts draws on their own levels of experience and one of the things I most enjoyed about reading this book was that even though they are clearly knowledgeable on their topics, their ability to keep things uncomplicated and straightforward will be much appreciated.

– Johnnie Cass, International Motivational Speaker

Ready, Aim, Captivate!

Put Magic in Your Message, and a Fortune in Your Future

If you are like many people in our fast-paced, 21st century world, you are scrambling just to complete your daily “to-do” list: Pack lunches, kids to school, business lunch meeting, marketing presentation, make dinner, do the dishes, kids to bed…the list never ends! You may feel like there is no time to focus your attention on trying to improve your situation, and besides, who would listen to you if you tried?

Ready, Aim, Captivate! brings together experts, entrepreneurs, and authorities on how to take your individual message and use it to reach out to others, change lives, and captivate hearts. These professionals have started successful companies, written best-selling books, and championed multimillion dollar events, but still—at their core—they are just like you. They were once someone in a bookstore reading the introduction to a book they hoped would teach them how to get where they wanted to go. They had to learn—some of them, the hard way—how to balance success at work while maintaining happiness at home. You are not alone.

Embark on a journey in the coming pages that will help you find your gift, explore your talents, and teach you to touch lives with your passion and your purpose. Allow them to show you what it takes to make your message magical. Ready, Aim, Captivate! is a priceless resource. Such an amazing group of trusted professionals has come together in this book with one common purpose. Prepare to be captivated!

Published in Dec 2012
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